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Among God's signs are the night and the day, and the sun and the moon. Adore not the sun and the moon, but adore God, who created them.
- THE HOLY QUR'AN xli, 37

They ask thee concerning the New Moons. Say: "They are but signs to mark fixed periods of time".
- THE HOLY QUR'AN, ii, 189.

Even after the death of his baby son during an eclipse, Prophet Mohamed (PBUH) told his followers that eclipses are not connected with the death or life of people.
- SAHIH AL-BUKHARI: The Book of the Eclipses, chapter 1. (Hadith 561 in his 'Summarized' volume).

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Crescent sighting & Islamic Calendars
Various possible designs are discussed.

A world-wide, predefined Islamic Calendar
Based on the calculated moon-sun celestial separation at dusk on the International Date Line on the equator, it ensures that the same Islamic date will prevail all round the world. In addition, it would enable the publication of Islamic calendars at least a year or two in advance.

Flaws in the Ahmadiyya eclipse theory
Urdu translation by Muhammad Baig [of ICOP, UK] at http://DLMcN.com/ahmadiurdu.pdf [abridged version]
and Comments on Qadiani claims about eclipses

Eclipses during Ramadan
Two total eclipses during the same Ramadan are very rare.

Correspondence & questions
Bohra problem-dates; Ahmadiyya claims; Calendar design; Five long months; Lunar migration, cycles & dynamics; Sighting verification; Imsak & Iftar time puzzles; Difficulties with changing criteria; Crescent observation from satellites.

Ramadan 1420 - the longest for over 300 years

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