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Nobody can claim to be a philosopher without understanding entropy.

The universe is not just queerer than we suppose, it is queerer than we can suppose.

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Entropy & usable energy
Is the universe running down like a wound-up clock?

Is Time really the fourth dimension?
Or is there another physical dimension which we cannot see or feel?

A few thoughts on extraterrestrial life
Perhaps it is not quite as widespread as some people believe; our planet may just be lucky.
Essay: How likely is Extraterrestrial Life?

Equation of Time
Why does the date of latest sunrise occur after the "Shortest Day"?

Meteor Streams & Rainfall Calendaricities
There may be a connection between shooting star displays and climatic singularities (which involve weather extremes favouring specific calendar dates).

Science correspondence
Keralite Calendar; astrology; lunar cycles & resonances; Russell's Paradox; inverted crescents; future calendars; speed of light in the Qur'an; complex numbers in four dimensions; ancient eclipse predictions.

Edwin Abbot's story of Flatland describes the attempt by the three-dimensional Guide and "Master" to convince a mere two-dimensional creature (confined to his plane-world) that there really is an extra dimension.

The most profound moment in the book comes near the end when, in sheer desperation, the 3-D Master drags the 2-D novice out of his plane and forces him to gaze at solid objects.

That "leap" then enables the 2-D being to think even further ahead, and to ask if he could now please be given a view into the fourth dimension.

It is then the 3-D creature who suffers from the mental block, refusing to admit that there could possibly be any dimensions higher than three.


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