David McNaughton

History Islamic Astronomy
Ancient Zimbabwe & the Lemba Eclipses during Ramadan
Oswald Spengler & world history Qadiani Eclipses: comments
The Isma'ilis: the Aga Khan's flock Islamic Calendars; crescent sighting
Correspondence & Comments: Correspondence: Questions & Answers ...
Russia; Jews; Nazis; Religions, Virgin Birth ... Problems & Extremes
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Astronomy & the Universe Mathematics
Entropy & Usable Energy The Square Root of Minus One
Is Time the Fourth Dimension? Dividing by Zero: Infinity
A few thoughts on Extraterrestrial Life Centrifugal & Coriolis Effects
Equation of Time & Latest Sunrise The Laws of Multiplication
Meteor Streams and Rainfall Calendaricities Trigonometric Expressions using Surds

A Three-stage Approach to mastering the Rubik Cube
Science & Maths Correspondence: (Calendars; the Moon; Astrology; other topics)

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> Some notes which have helped me learn correct pronunciation:
> Nouns ending in “-ía” rather than “-ia”
> Nouns and adjectives ending in "-ío"

> Spain's inheritance of the Netherlands was an unnecessary accident of history - with tragic and far-reaching consequences.

> Metaphors associated with "Don Quijote" carry more disrespect in the English language than they do in Spanish.

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Married with three independent children.
PhD title (1981): "Cloud Seeding in Zimbabwe & some of its effects on SR52 maize yield".