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History is philosophy drawn from examples.

History is really the biographies of great people.

History is the actualizing of a [Cultural] Soul.
- OSWALD SPENGLER, "Decline of the West" volume I, page 147.

History would be incomplete without a study of religion, which is one of the most universal activities known to mankind,  being practised across virtually all cultures - and throughout all ages.
- THE GUINNESS ENCYCLOPEDIA, 1990; (adapted from page 458).

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Ancient Zimbabwean Civilization
Who built the stone temples and mined the gold? And did the Lemba tribe have a Jewish origin?
(Published in Mankind Quarterly (USA) in 2012: vol. 52 (nos. 3-4), pp. 323-335).

An earlier version of this study has been retained online, but renamed anzim1

Oswald Spengler & world history
Is there a pattern to the development & decay of civilisations? If Spengler is right, it means that Europe has 'lost its way'...
Comparative Civilizations Review, USA, Autumn 2012, vol. 67, pp.7-15.

An earlier version (including selected correspondence) has been retained at spengws.html as the handout at the Fifth Workshop in Political Theory in Manchester (England) in September 2008.

Cultural Souls reflected in their Mathematics: the Spenglerian interpretation
The mathematics developed in the Sino-Japanese High Culture focussed on solving some quite intriguing geometrical problems - ones which most Western mathematicians are completely unaware of. Other cultures, too, have displayed their own characteristic style and preferences in this field. Can we try and guess what type of mathematical thought might flower, in the future, in the recently born Russian Culture?
Scientific Culture, (Greece), January 2016, vol. 2 no. 1, pp. 1-6.

The Aga Khan's flock
What historical circumstances gave the Isma'ilis their distinctive character?

Correspondence & comments
Spengler; Music; Africa; Middle East Cultures; Islam; Yahya; Tanasukh; Yockey; Nazis; Russia (including its Mathematics); Jews; diaspora; Sabaeans; Lembas; Zimbabwe; Japan; Indus Valley & Dravidians; Mayas; Buddhism in China; Virgin Birth.

¿Países Bajos españoles, o una Iberia unida?
La herencia de los territorios neerlandeses fue un accidente de la historia, una tragedia innecesaria con consecuencias muy drásticas.

Evolución de la Monarquía Española restablecida
Alfonso Borbón-Dampierre, el bisyerno de Franco, habría podido llegar a ser el Rey en lugar de Juan Carlos..

Algunas notas sobre el Rey Alfonso VI de Castilla
Su cuarta esposa, Zá'ida, tiene el honor de ser la única musulmana en la historia del mundo en llegar a ser una reina cristiana.

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